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Dani Nordin

Welcome to the zen kitchen.

the zen kitchen is the solo UX design practice of Dani Nordin. I’ve helped businesses large and small focus their positioning, create complex yet intuitive interfaces, and connect with their customers on a deeper level. You can check out some of my projects to get a closer look, or read a bio and resumé

I also write, teach and speak about UX, design for Drupal, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and various web and business-related topics.

If your team needs a great designer to help them get down to the bottom of a sticky UX issue, I’d love to hear from you.

Featured Projects

Traktek Partners Logo

TrakTek Partners: Travel Site redesign

I worked with this technology firm to consolidate user research, create initial wireframes, and help prototype a major travel site in Drupal 7.

Home page for the Drupal for Designers book site.

Drupal for Designers Website

Promotional site for the Drupal for Designers series. Built in Drupal 7, and themed using the Square Grid theme by Laura Scott. 

Emotional Eating research: Poster presentation

Emotional Eating Diary Measure

For this independent project, I dug into the research behind emotional eating, conducted interviews with self-described emotional eaters, and developed a paper diary measure researchers and nutritionists could use to track the relationship between daily moods and eating behavior.